Why so many Pictures?


Why are there so many pictures on the internet? It's overwhelming, when there is an article, it'salmost always accompanied by one or more pictures. Social media too. Difficult ot find a social medium without images.

An image takes away your imagination. With a picture you see one aspect of how something is at that very moment. But without a picture much is possible. You can use your imagination and draw in your mind maybe twenty pictures. And more.

Maybe this is why I never watch tv or don't like movies. It takes away the imagination. My brains like to draw pictures themselves, they like to create and have fun and play with the words.

To me a sentence is more than a thousand pictures...

What if ...


  • It's true that you live (as a Christian) in Revelation 22  and see the Lord on His throne?
  • That you would behave like a king and rule?
  • You could try to live like that in your mind for one day?


  • You already live like that, but maybe it's wrong and you have to live like expecting Jesus to return?
  • That the end of the world is near, everything is getting worse and soon Jesus will take you up, after which a terrible time will happen on earth?


Can live like that for one day, the first option or the second one? And when you succeeded in it, could this new option be more true than what you now believe is right?


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