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With this Planner from OV9292 you will come were you want to. This Route Planner is one of the most popular of the Netherlands.

Whether you travel with the railways, the bus, the metro or the ferry boat, you ‘ll find everything nice and easy on this Route Planner, made for You.

For the Route Planner to work click on the black and white 9292 logo immediately below! After that click on the “Hamburger” icon on the right top and choose “English” just below this icon.

Plan my journey!

Above you may fill in as you like. It works best if you confirm one of the suggestions when you fill in the addresses.


“The Dutch Railways (NS) has developed into a comprehensive service provider, enabling its customers to blend social, business and recreational goals seamlessly. All this is done by making the journey from door to door rather comfortable, accessible and efficient and by giving the customer the opportunity to choose smart travel options based on the most recent information.”



Have a great journey with the public transport…

And enjoy your staying in the kingdom of the Netherlands.


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  1. zeer moeilijk en waarom – als ik informatie vraag over 24 augustus – krijg ik informatie over de problemen bij Asd Centraal vandaag?

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